August 06 - September 10:

With no notes here, you can probably guess that I have not been around for a while. I took an extended break and have been out of the country for a month. I’m back now and wanted to share some things I had been doing without getting too personal.

I took a bit of a holiday and tried disconnecting myself from the internet and work. I largely succeeded but inevitably did a little work while I was away. This is probably my longest time away from home and work. Honestly, I wanted to get back, but there is a slight anxiety about what I’ll find once I’m back. To no avail, of course, as things carry on with or without you, and nothing is that urgent.

It’s a lesson for me, and I need to consider it in the future when thinking about holidays.

I’ve never been one to take holidays. I’m unsure why; it just didn’t work out that way. There’s nothing in particular that I can pinpoint; it just didn’t happen. I haven’t taken a proper holiday in many years, and since I’ve been working as an independent, it has been more challenging to do so. COVID-19 didn’t help matters either.

So, what have I been up to?

I left my home island to spend ten days in Paris. With lovely weather and a personal distraction (of the sports kind), I had a great time and got to spend time in parts of Paris that I don’t usually visit.

After that, I flew out to a different island. Again, for sports reasons. (You’ll excuse the brevity; I prefer to keep some details private). I spent over two weeks there, taking some time for myself and setting up things for the next year or so. So, it was a bit of a holiday/organisational visit.

Having spent around a month in a different timezone, it can be hard to adjust once you’re back in your “normal” timezone. I’ve adjusted pretty quickly and am pretty much back to normal, despite waking up a little early still, but nothing too bad.

Next week will be busy, and I can share a few new things I’ll be doing.

I’m looking forward to the week.


I not only spent time away from work but also from reading. I did a little on the plane back and forth. 9 hour and 4 hours flights give you enough time to read. So, I continued reading iRobot. Christ, the book is so different from the film with Will Smith. It’s a travesty and makes watching films like this impossible for me. All the nuance, the subtlety is lost, replaced with action, guns, shooting, fighting and other bs that puts bums on seats. I hate it.

Of note

There is nothing to report here, as I have been virtually offline for a month. I guess it is of note that despite disconnection, things are as they were.

Enjoy your week.

Matthew Cowen @matthewcowen