📅 April 08 - April 14 | Catching up

The week was, again, one of those weeks that was stop-and-start. My guests were still on the island, and I had a couple of obligations to look after them during the week.

I ran another LLM training course for managers, making a total of around 60 or so managers on the island that I have personally trained in the use of these tools. My course focuses on using them sensibly and identifying where the law and the real responsibility lie. TLDR: You, the manager and enduser.

Newt week should be more of a normal week, although I have a conference (online) I’m attending for a couple of days. I’ll write about that next week.

I wrote a blog post for the Virtual School of Internet Governance entitled “Why I’m making Internet Governance central to my work, and why you should too.” You can read it on their site here. Without getting too bogged down in the politics and technologies, I wanted to make the main point that the Internet is changing, and not necessarily for the better. I’m going to rewrite it a little and issue it as a newsletter soon.

I’ll be working on a short talk about AI in the workplace at the end of the month, so I’ll be focusing on developing that over the coming week.

I recorded another episode of the Innovation, Agilité et Excellence podcast hosted by my friend Jean-François Nantel. We talked about Chiplets, Exascale computing, the Apple Vision Pro and a few other topics, notably Internet Governance. I’ll note here when it is published.

Jean-François kindly presented an hour-long masterclass for my Project Management students. I’m really grateful for his kind gesture.


I’ve spent a lot of time reading some of the VSIG supplemental documentation and read a few pages of the books on the reading list, but not much.

This week, I’ll get back to reading on a more regular schedule.

Of note

I’ve tried to stay away from too much media these last couple of weeks. I’m only starting to catch up on the list of articles and newsletters that have built up during these last couple of weeks of time off.

Not much else to say this time. Have a great week.

Matthew Cowen @matthewcowen